Somewhere another woman is on her period, somewhere another woman is experiencing the same period cramps as you. Knowing we are not alone makes us stronger. No period should make a girl miss out. Future is here to support you with free period packs.

Period Poverty means that a female has a lack of access to sanitary products often because of their financial situation. Plan International’s Break the Barriers: Girls’ Experiences of Menstruation in the UK report states that 40% of girls in the UK have had to use toilet roll because they can’t afford proper sanitary products.

During this year’s Women Empowerment Month, Future Youth Zone is pleased to continue supporting young females in Barking and Dagenham. On top of what young females have had to go through during the pandemic, their period is another worry they have to face each month.

Future’s Arts Coordinator Gabija Cepelyte said: “In Future’s Health and Well Being room (named UrCare by young people) we work to support and talk through prominent issues raised and faced by members such as Period Poverty. This has led to us establishing local partnerships to provide young people with Sanitary Products.”

Staff have received training around period poverty and do feel confident and comfortable to have these conversations with the young people.

Future Youth Zone was involved in the launch of the campaign with Always and Women’s England Football Captain, Steph Houghton and together the tax on sanitary products has now been removed by legislation. However, we continue to support by supplying free period packs to young females.

To receive your period pack email or drop us a message on our social media platforms listed about.

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