Jaylen is a junior member at Future who regularly attends the Junior and Holiday Club at Future. He is a local resident in Dagenham and lives in a single parent family. When Future first opened Aimee, Jaylens mum asked him if he would attend and after showing him the Future Instagram page Jaylen was keen to get signed up.

During Jaylen’s first time at Future he was immediately drawn in by the pool tables in the Rec area and started playing with one of the youth workers Temi. When Jaylen first started attending Future he felt that he was nervous and shy to make new friends and try new things. He soon learned and grew in the environment and became confident and felt supported to make new friends, learn new skills and even got to learn how to play the piano, something he never thought he would be able to do.

“Future has helped me change my humour and my happiness. Before I used the be angry at school, but Future helped me feel free, relaxed and is somewhere I don’t have to worry about things happening outside. Future has been some of the best times of my life” Says Jaylen

“Parenting is hard for anyone but thanks to my issues and being a single parent it’s a lot of added pressure and creates a real need for support especially for my son. Future Youth Zone has been absolutely amazing since day one, they have made Jaylen feel like part of the family, dealt with my meltdowns and been there for both of us!! This is a youth club that goes above and beyond for all the young people and their families who attend. This is a charity I support because I’ve seen the work they do and it’s so important we have things like this in the community. They rely a lot on our support and for what they do it’s surely deserved. There’s lots of other children like my son who desperately need the support and a friendly face they can turn to whenever but also a safe space to learn new things and build many skills whilst having fun!!!” Says Jaylen’s mum Aimee

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