Give disadvantaged youth opportunity to succeed in sports

Your gift will inspire disadvantaged youth to achieve their sporting dreams. Through supporting Youth Workers at Future, youth can stay safe, keep fit and make friends whilst trying new sports, joining a team, and training for competitions.

Our Youth Workers are not only passionate about helping youth reach their potential, they are highly skilled coaches, personal trainers and athletes. 

Your support also helps keeps the doors open to our state of the art facilities – we believe that to get the best from the youth we must give them the best. Our sports offer includes a fully equipped gym, outdoor football pitch, boxing gym and multipurpose sports hall.  

From inspiring new sporting passions to giving youth somewhere safe and inspiring to spend their leisure time, your support can change young lives.

Most youths we support live in an area of high deprivation, so would otherwise miss out on the sporting opportunities at Future Youth Zone.

Ayaz's Story

When I saw Future, I got a flyer and asked my mum if I could come. I started coming to Future because I had nothing to do. My first time here, I was so scared. I didn’t even go to the toilet or any room. My first session was boxing, and now I feel so excited to come here. This place makes me feel confident and I have good friends here, even better than school. 

Coming to Future has improved my confidence, and now I’m comfortable talking to people. I’ve also gotten better at basketball, and other sports. I love playing basketball and football at Future. 

Before I joined Future, I had nothing to do. I would just go to school and then home. Now I always come here and I feel I’m not bored anymore. I feel like the sessions go so quickly. 

Future is an amazing place. If someone comes here once, they will want to stay forever.”