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Be a Future Hero: Show young people you believe in their future

As a charity, our services wouldn’t exist without the support of you, our Future Heroes. Every person can make a difference and every donation makes a difference to young people’s future here in East London. Each year it costs £1.6 million to run the Youth Zone, most of this pays for professional Youth Workers who share their skills and passion with young people and transform their lives.

Future’s Youth Workers are committed to helping young people discover their purpose and supporting them through the challenges young people face today.

You can help them succeed by swooping in as a Future Hero to raise money individually, at an organised sponsored event, by joining our 1000 Club or becoming one of our Patrons or corporate partners. 

We are delighted you are as committed as us to showing young people we believe in their future and will support you all the way. 

And you will love our superhero-styled Future Hero t-shirts we send you to wear while fundraising – whether you wear your underpants on the outside of trousers is up to you!

FUTURE NOW: Jaydens and his mum Aimee’s story

“Future has helped me change my humour and my happiness. Before I used the be angry at school, but Future helped me feel free, relaxed and is somewhere I don’t have to worry about things happening outside. Future has been some of the best times of my life” Jaylen

“Parenting is hard for anyone but thanks to my issues and being a single parent it’s a lot of added pressure and creates a real need for support especially for my son. Future Youth Zone has been absolutely amazing since day one, they have made Jaylen feel like part of the family, dealt with my meltdowns and been there for both of us! There’s lots of other children like my son who desperately need the support and a friendly face they can turn to whenever but also a safe space to learn new things and build many skills whilst having fun!” Jaylen’s mum Aimee


Paula Hawkins
The Abrahart Family

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