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More than 20 activities to explore and discover, to create their own Future: from boxing to beatboxing, cooking to climbing and nail art to fine art. Take a sneak peak at what you will be able to do when you become a member.

The only question is: what will you do first?

Ur Game - Sports Hall

Our fantastic indoor sports hall hosts anything from friendly games to competitive matches.

Whether you’re training to compete or just looking for a relaxed game, our sport sessions are open to young people of all levels. 

We provide all the equipment needed, so just bring your energy.

Ur Creation - Art Room

Creative Future members will love our amazing art room – this is the space for any artist in the making. 

Our youth workers are skilled in many areas, including illustration, textiles and fun ‘art meets science’ experiments. Why not try create something?

Ur Chef - Training Kitchen

Future chefs can get their start in the Ur Chef kitchen.

Our kitchen is available for all young people to sharpen their skills and cook up a storm.

Ur Bout - Boxing Gym

Work up a sweat in our fully-equipped boxing gym!

In addition to being a great form of fitness training, our boxing, MMA and and self defence sessions teach transferable skills such as control, commitment and discipline.

Ur Skill - Muga

Our floodlit pitch is open throughout the year ready to welcome you for a kick around with your mates or a match with your peers. Future FC is forever growing and ready to welcome all abilities. 

Our boys’ team, girls’ team and staff team are proud to wear the Team Future kit at home and away tournaments.

Ur Stage - Dance & Drama Studio

Our amazing dance studio ‘UrStage’ is equipped with versatile dance teachers who are always ready to get young people to explore their passion for dance and try diverse styles. With their guidance, our dance crew has performed at several shows and local festivals. 

Our drama sessions offer Improvisation, Acting for Stage, Script work and Musical Theatre and much more. Come and start performing today!

Ur Production - Film and Media

Could you be the future KSI or Steven Spielberg? 

Our incredibly creative members can let their imaginations run wild while learning about film and photography, the use of green screens, and graphic design.

The Future Media Squad inspires and upskills young people to create fun and exciting content using the latest cameras, Macs and premium editing softwares.

Ur Journey - Indoor Rock Climbing

Complete ‘UrJourney’ at Future Youth Zone! 

Our eight-metre climbing wall, safely ran by our climbing Youth Workers to help young people conquer their fears, and rise to the challenge.

How high will you go?

Ur Beats - Music Room

We offer drumming, keyboard, guitar and producing lessons for the stadium stars of the future as well as supporting young musicians just looking for a bit of help. 

Members can book the room for up to an hour to record and edit a track or practice for gigs. Are you the next Future superstar?

Ur Care - Health, Beauty and Wellbeing Room

‘Ur Care’ is a safe and calm space for members to enjoy some self care. It is the perfect place for a bit of pampering using professional styling tools and a wide range of beauty products. 

Also, we offer sessions for young people to build their confidence, have discussions about identity and host the occasional movie night.

Ur Strength - Gym

Fit for all Future members, our gym is state-of-the-art and fully equipped. There are trained Youth Workers on hand to show you the (battle) ropes and help with useful advice to set you on the right path to achieving your training goals.

Ur Wheels - Skate Park

Future’s outdoor skate park is the best place to practice on your wheels. Open all year round for all Youth Zone members.

For all abilities, try out your favourite skate moves on our skateboards, roller skates, scooters or BMX bikes.

We will provide the wheels and the space, you can come and show off your skills!

Ur Future - Enterprise and Employability

The world of work can seem like a scary place, which is why we support Future members to develop their enterprise and employability skills…

We believe building self-belief raises aspirations; aspirations turn into action – and actions create a limitless future for young people.

“Down the stairs in art, Rosie made us do some art relating to Pride Month. I was very happy to finally be in a safe room where people accept the LGBTQ community. It was after this that I finally came out as trans to a lot of my teachers at school. I found out that school could be hard being openly trans but, at the same time, I became much more confident about being myself.”


“Music has always been a passion for me and Future is a place where I can always express myself.”


“Future is the best place ever: I’ll be able to cook a meal myself!”


“As a parent, it is a safe place that my son can go and be independent, an individual. In a world that the kids, can’t just go to the park or playout on the streets until dark with friends. Future gives me the confidence to cut the apron strings, and let him go to meet new friends, learn new skills, try new activities and there are trusted adults he can talk to. They develop and encourage individuals to be the best versions of themselves.”

Future Youth Zone Parent

FUTURE NOW: Katie's story

“I used to be someone who would never go out of the house. All I would do is game, watch tv and focus on music. I never had many friends and had no confidence.

“My mum signed me up for the Youth Zone. I got introduced to other people and they were very friendly and this made me want to go more often.

“What helped me boost it up was the staff members. They helped me to be the best that I could be and now I can even perform in front of large crowds. Music has always been a passion for me and Future is a place where I can always express myself. 

“I was the person who would never go out the house and now I never shut up!” 

Hi! My name is Kay and I am the Junior and Holiday Club Manager at Future…

“I love our Junior and Holiday Club sessions! My favourite quote is ‘be the change you want to see.’ Young people need support and someone to be there. Youth zones are a safe space for young people and youth workers are the perfect guide. ‘Each one, teach one’ is another quote I like – that is how we all grow and learn and I think it is important for the younger generations’ development and mindset.”

Hi, my name is Sereena and I ensure young people have access to all facilities, whatever their needs.

“One of my favourite youth work moments is when I held a study group to help young people through their GCSE exams, some of these young people were experiencing difficulties at school. One young person really stood out because they did not enjoy English but had the determination to pass and turned up every session, to see the difference in their writing was amazing! I did more sessions, and this young person came back with a page worth of work that was beautifully written. It was the best feeling to see how my support helped to develop a young person!”


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